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About Lighttour Sleeping Pad

The major of Lighttour Boss University is related to TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). He is also an outdoor enthusiast and lives in the world's largest outdoor product production place (Zhejiang, China). He has naturally produced and researched outdoor sleeping mats for 11 years.


His product category is only inflatable sleeping pads. Every few years, he will upgrade his technology and design to produce more extreme sleeping pads. There is no doubt that R5.8 is his latest product.


So we only sell his best product.

His R-value is 5.8 which is not currently the highest, the highest is Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm 6.9. But he told me that he can do it too, but R5.8 is the most balanced product he designed, It is the most balanced product in terms of weight, noise (rolling over while sleeping, aluminum film inside), structural design and price. He is not afraid to compare.


Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Large size £351 (293*1.2) This price has already dissuaded many people. Quote from our website: Great products don't have to be expensive.


Amazon's £30 sleeping bags have no effect on keeping warm at all, because they are all produced in Zhejiang, the lowest-end products.


I once talked about the composition of Amazon's selling price. A product costs £30, of which 15% is Amazon commission, 10-15% is advertisement, 15% is Amazon shipping, 5% return fee, and other fees are about 5%. Add up to a maximum of about 55%. Not including profits, overseas shipping, labor costs.

The cost of the final product could be £3, 10% is a lot, don't be surprised, it's true.

Therefore, the quality of cheap products cannot meet the outdoor requirements of users, and we will not sell these garbage.


Let's get back to the point.

Now there are several ways to improve the R-value of products:


  1. Filled with insulation cotton or down, the disadvantage is that it increases the volume and weight. These products basically exceed 1KG, which is no problem for family camping, but hiking camping is too heavy.
  2. Increase the density of the air chamber by layering to reduce air flow and improve warmth
  3. Add aluminum film inside to reduce heat radiation
  4. Combine 2 and 3.


Lighttour and other excellent products are the 4, and the last is the comparison of weight, structural design, and price.


In fact, the value of R5 is good enough at 14℉ outdoors, and R5.8 is recommended at -4℉. After all, the most important thing to keep warm is the sleeping bag. In pursuit of a higher R-value, other aspects must be sacrificed.

This is the design patent structure of Lighttour R5.8, 3-layer three-dimensional heat reflection structure.

It looks complicated, so it bothered him for a long time during production.

In addition to design issues, the next step is to continuously test and solve production process issues.

The thickness is 7cm/2.76inch, the thickness is reduced but the points of each layer are denser. On the one hand, the density of the air chamber is increased to reduce air heat convection (the R value is increased), and on the other hand, due to the increase in the number of points, the In order to ensure the structural stability, the sleeping bag will not be too soft as a whole. Some people's spines are not suitable for too soft sleeping pads. This structure is suitable for most people.


Another important point is the addition of aluminum film. The £30 product does not add aluminum film, although the price of aluminum film is cheap, in the event of an outdoor extreme cold emergency, everyone will carry a £3 Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets, which are actually aluminum film. But how to add aluminum film to sleeping pads, how to reduce noise, this is the patent, and it is also the direction of his research.

  1. Aluminum film is added to each layer of the upper, middle and lower layers, which not only reduces heat radiation, but also further separates the air chamber and reduces air flow.
  2. Each layer of aluminum film opens holes at the connection in the middle of the material, which has the advantage of reducing noise. If you compare other products carefully, there will be noise issues in the reviews (some people are more sensitive). The disadvantage is that the difficulty of production increases, and at the same time, part of the R value is reduced, so why this product cannot reach more than 6.

(His words: I can't increase the noise to increase the R-value, there is already a lot of wind noise outdoors at night) The noise produced by the aluminum film is sharp.

Air tightness: This is the most basic and important issue. lighttour R5.8 is a point connection, which is more secure than other line-connected products. The outer layer is 20D nylon fabric composited with high-strength TPU, and the inner coating is also thicker, which makes it more secure, so compare it after you buy it other products have been found to not be too soft.


High elastic TPU membrane structure is used inside which is thinner than the outer layer:


The inner layer is less strong than the outer layer, and if there is a lot of weight or a strong impact, the first thing to tear is the inner point connection. Because this product has been upgraded for many generations, the number of points is more than other products. When an accident occurs, a point connection explodes, and the product can still be used normally (as long as the outer layer is not damaged).


In the event of an accident, the outer layer is punctured, we also provide a repair allowance.


When you use a two-person tent, Mummy has a thoughtful design. In order to prevent the sleeping pad from moving when two people are sleeping, a hook is provided, and the rope binding can reduce the movement.


Another factor is weight. After comparison, Lighttour R5.8 is also a very good performance. The mummy/183cm is only 480g/1.05Pounds, and the other one side is 553g/1.22Pounds (Large)


The most important factor is undoubtedly the price. I have already said that £30-50 sleeping pads are rubbish, if you use a £400 sleeping bag with a sleeping pad at that price, it is undoubtedly a sports car with a V8 engine and a cheap CVT gearbox. Warmth mainly relies on tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Sleeping bags are the most important, and tents have a limited role, but many people ignore the role of sleeping pads. But using £300+ to buy a sleeping pad is an option for the rich.

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